We are extremely grateful to our audience, for your presence and appreciation of our music and for your financial generosity in concert basket donations. Roughly half of these donations are anonymous (in cash) and the rest are from checks left in the basket or mailed in. Our recent benefactors include:

Gold Circle Donors

Nick Babich, Jr.

O. Eugene Barton

Paul & Kathleen De Pree

Elizabeth, David and Evan Dyson

Kathleen and Bruce Farrington

Harbor Place at Cottesmore

Greg and Tamara Jackson

Sound Options, Inc.

Annette and Daryl Venegas

Clayton and Joann Williams

Carrie Westover

Orchestra Circle Donors

Larry and Carolyn Curles

Beverly Evans

Robert and Nancy Koehnke

Tim and Jan Leigh

Terry and Patty McClelland

Leann O’Neill

George and Ruth Reilly

Dianne Sabin

Donald Shaw

Fred and Nancy Shelton

Allan Undem

Eugene and Susan Underwood

Vernon and Betty Young

Friends of GHPCO Donors

Gretchen Allard-Morris

Marsh and Helen Allen

Mary Andrews

Arlene Babbit

Corey and Mesina Bach

Greg and Lynne Ballew

John and Dorothy Barelli

Michael and Deborah Baum

David and Jennie Beven

James and Sandra Black

Carol E. Bonner

Albert and Jeraldine Carreras

Darcie Cousins

Robert and Eileen Cowan

Tanya Crites

Sharon Dahlstom

Wayne and Gloria Denesik

Victor Doggett

Bret and Cindy Drager

Roger and Marilyn Droz

J.E. Emery

Larry and Candee Evans

Jim and Carol Ferguson

John Filson

Timothy Flynn

Helen Gearheard

Jim and Julie Gearheard

Don and Flora Gillette

Jason and Linda Graham

Barbara Granlund

Bob and Jean Hardwick

Elizabeth Hegedus

Alfred Morris Erin Henderson

John and Lynn Herberholz

John and Mary Hornby

Janice Jepsen

Patricia Jerkovich

Mabel Jones

Lawrence and Betty Jordan

Askold and Oksana Kobasa

Sandra Kern

Alanna King

Linda Knudson

Joseph and Susan Lamborn

Ann Lieseke

Donald and Sherlee Locker

Doug and Kathy Lyle

Lawrence Maloney

Yvonne Martinec and B. Hale

Wilma Maus

Aubryn McCarrell

Janet Medcalf

Colleen and Dee Molenaar

Richard Meyers

Richard and Lynh Nahum

Betty Lou Nelson

Dianne Olson

P.J. Olson

Andy and Sandra Panagiotou

Adrian and Alison Pragnell

Francis and Margaret Puig

Glen Reeves

Mary E. Reid

Bob and Cindy Renckly

Jeanne Ring

Garland and Avis Robinson

Roxlyn Robinson

Heather Rogers

David Roskoph

Debra Ross

Margaret Sather

Felipe and Gabriella Saucedo

Thomas and Sondra Schneider

William and Deborah Schlosser

Muriel Simpson

Ronald and Shari Shouse

Earlene Smarr

Douglas and Mary Soule

Gloria Steele

Kevin and Tracy Sullivan

Raulin and Jeanine Vonnegut

Geraldine Walker

Bob Warfield

Judith Weese

David and Judy Wheeler

Jennifer and William Wicklund

Gretchen Wilbert

John Wilkin

Lora Williams

Michael and Elizabeth Wingren